Nonprofit monthly giving: what are you missing?

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13-08-13 Monthly Giving TreeYour backend: The most important element of your nonprofit’s monthly giving program

The wider adoption of monthly giving (also known as regular giving or sustained giving) in the United States could itself transform philanthropy.The lifetime value of supporters giving in this way is estimated to be 600 to 800 percent higher than the annual giving (also known as cash giving) (McKinnon, 1999). (Growing Philanthropy in the United States – Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang)

Imagine that: monthly giving has the power to transform philanthropy! A longtime staple of fundraising programs in the UK, the word is out and monthly giving is beginning to take off in the United States.

But monthly giving won’t transform your organization — unless you first figure out the most important element of your monthly giving program. No, it’s not the theme you decide upon. It’s not even how compelling your offer is, or your mailing list. The most important factor of your organization’s monthly giving program is your back-end.  What policies and procedures does your organization have in place to ensure that donors who have made that extra commitment to give monthly to your organization are happy with their decision?

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