Mark is an engaging and experienced speaker who is able to observe trends, tell stories, extract remarkable insights to help cause leaders and practitioners to be better.

Presently Mark has three talks he’s offering and is also able to create customized topics to your audience.

The Future of Fundraising

(45 minutes)

Where is fundraising going? That was the big question causemark founder was asking in 2014 when he moved to Barcelona for nine months. He stepped away from client work to conduct R&D relating to “next generation” cause campaigns. He had been observing clear shifts in the way consumers engage with causes and was concerned about the velocity of change.

In this path of discovery, Mark explored landscape fundraising trends in Canada, USA, UK and Australia, conducted case-studies of successful campaigns and extracted insights helpful to fundraising leaders and practitioners seeking to tackle their greatest challenges in fundraising campaigns..

This research resulted in a plenary talk  called “The Future of Fundraising.” Mark outlines trends impacting charities, insights for applying them to our campaigns, and case studies to make them relevant.It is suitable for both leaders and practitioners (or can be tailored to either audience) to help strengthen leadership in cause campaigns while not forgetting about proven fundraising principles.

This session can be booked as one longer session or as separate talks/workshops:

  • Part 1. A 45 minute talk in which Mark will outline trends impacting cause campaigns, insights for applying them, and case studies to make them relevant.
  • Part 2: A two-hour workshop that challenges participants to apply insights they learn from Part 1 to help focus their campaign and learn to tell a simple and engaging story.


Learning outcomes

  • Reveal trends impacting cause campaigns, insights for applying them, and case studies to make them relevant to charities of all sizes
  • Extract the anatomy of successful campaigns, focusing on the four critical qualities
  • Provide insights on how to focus your marketing message and to make them “contagious.”


Lean Campaigns

(45 minutes)

Life is so much more enjoyable when we make peace with our foes rather than run away. Take campaign cost of fundraising (COFR,) for example. Mark Hierlihy asserts every fundraiser is challenged by (and perhaps is worried about) campaign costs. Is that you? If so, he thinks you should worry less and instead push yourself to think differently. Social and technology innovators share similar challenges to charities when money is tight, and consequently, can teach them a lot about using data to help maximize every dollar. In this session, Mark will share his latest thinking on fundamentals and mechanics of lean start-ups as they relate to maximizing cause campaign ROI. And yes, there will be a few cool examples. Intrigued?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how you can turn the COFR conversation to your advantage
  • Be challenged in your assumptions about campaign design
  • Gain insights on what social profit organizations can learn from social tech star-ups about using data in decision making


How to become an icon

(20 – 30 minutes)

Do you want to be remembered for a long, long time? It’s a sentiment buried deep within most of us. Who are your heroes who have achieved icon status and how did they get there? Sometimes our icons are alter egos of another character – a drag queen, a puppet, or an actor. It’s fun to explore the stories and personas that make them unique and that’s what Mark Hierlihy will do when he speaks at your event. He’ll tell stories packed with insights that are sure to spark your imagination and challenge you to think differently as you seek to create your own success.

Learning outcomes

  • Help discover how to think differently about your impact
  • Stretch your mind as to how to build your personal brand
  • Help yank you out of your traditional thinking box