Simon Sinek’s eloquent but provocative take on Millennials [VIDEO]

17 Electric moments at D3: Debate. Debunk. Delight

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being at D3: Debate. Debunk. Delight. As one of the co-founders and a member of the Design Team, I had spent much of last year developing and designing the day so being able to sit back and see the fruits of our labour was very rewarding. As I looked over

The makings of a culture [VIDEO]

Mahatma Ghandi once said, a nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people.” This video might look a bit like a tourism vlog rather than one about charities and causes, but it’s really about the makings of a culture lessons we can learn as leaders seeking to have a positive impact on society. Antoni Gaudi designed many

Seth Godin on Successful Fundraising – Ask the Fundraising Expert [VIDEO]

Seth Godin on Storytelling and Nonprofits – Ask the Fundraising Expert Amy Eisenstein interviews Seth Godin. Seth explains how your nonprofit can use storytelling to spread your mission; he offers advice for nonprofit board members and millennials entering the field; he also shares an important tip from his 2015 AFP keynote address.

10 trends in international philanthropy [STUDY and VIDEO]

I recently read this article from The Guardian in the UK about a study conducted by  BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index, and found it fit nicely with global research I conducted last year on the campaigns that are modelling leadership when it comes to engaging supporters. My study around The Future of Fundraising was focused on

The Power of Storytelling Engagement

Ok, I admit it. I’m obsessed with helping charities do better storytelling. The reason is simple – chartities have great stories to tell but it’s often what they focus on the least. I believe it is the missing piece to better engagement. Simple and engaging storytelling is not easy; the skill must be cultivated, developed and practiced. It can take a lot of work

The “Secret” to the Future of Fundraising

Here we are yet again – staring a new year in the face. In your search for success this year,  lots of challenges have the potential to get in the way of engaging new participants and donors. My job is to help you find ways to break down these barriers and help you raise more money.

Turning Halloween into a street party with a purpose [VIDEO]

Last week I attended Toronto West Halloween Fest – a fun family festival in Bloor West Village area of Toronto, Canada. This is a fundraiser for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation – also known as My St. Joe’s – because the hospital prides itself in providing great care close to home. My St. Joe’s is one

Who is this man – what is his story? [VIDEO]

I saw this story on CBCTheNational last week and can’t get it out of my mind. It’s the story of a homeless man who was filmed playing a piano. Music means so much to him, but sadly, it likely won’t lift him out of poverty. Homelessness is an important cause but so complicated because it’s

Taking Risks

How good are you at taking leadership risks in creating cause campaigns which resonate with new and younger supporters. This video blog shares three simple lessons to remind us of the importance of knowing when and how to take risks