Cause marketing dos and don’ts – from a consumer perspective

Curated from BizCommunity With recent disasters like the storm in Cape Town and Knysna fires, brands have stepped in to help. We asked our community of consumers for some cause marketing pointers. Cause marketing dos and don’ts – from a consumer perspective With one of Cape Town’s worst storms in years and fires in Knysna

3 Trends for Non-profits and Their Business Partners

Curated from The Balance, written by Joanne Fritz Cause-related marketing has become big business for nonprofits and their business partners. Recent research reveals just how popular cause marketing is with consumers, and what the future holds for this booming industry. Cause marketing, although certainly not new, became well known during the 1980s with the highly visible and

Despite Retail Slump, Consumers Feel Generous at Checkout

Curated from Marketing Daily, written by Sarah Mahoney With retailers closing thousands of stores and malls growing emptier, it’s easy to think Americans would be less inclined to pony up for good causes at the register. But the latest Charity Checkout Champions report says that people contributed $441 million last year to some of the

How to start an employee program

Curated from Good Done Great, written by Elizabeth Warren To keep up with today’s competitive market, companies, big and small, recognize that doing good is good for business. Why? Because there’s significant data that connects successful workplace giving programs with higher levels of employee engagement. And companies with high employee engagement consistently outperform on financial measures. Whether

The Top Three Non-Profit Jobs of the Future

Curated from Fast Company, written by Amy Sample Ward The nonprofit world kicked off 2017 with a bang and, in some cases, a much bigger budget. That’s creating some job openings. For many in the nonprofit world, 2017 kicked off with a bang. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) continues to rake in record donations, including from tech

Why the world needs more tri-sector athletes

Curated from Harvard Business Review, Written by Nick Lovegrove and Matthew Thomas The critical challenges society faces — such as water scarcity, access to education, and the rising cost of healthcare — increasingly require the business, government and nonprofit sectors to work together to create lasting solutions. But this is only possible if the senior executives

Give up the bad stuff, but don’t give up!

Curated from Medium Corporation, written by Zdravko 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful                               ”Somebody once told me the definition of hell: “On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person

How to Be Interesting When Everything Has Already Been Said

Curated from Entrepreneur Mag , written by Parth Misra Knowing how to tell your story makes all the difference. Anyone who’s been writing for any length of time knows the feeling — that goose bump-filled rush of epiphany as you realize the idea you just had is just out of this world. “No way has

‪5 Business Trends That Will Take Off in 2017

Curated from Entrepreneur Mag, written by ‪@JeffreyHayzlett Last year, 2016, is in our rearview mirror, so it’s time to look to the trends in 2017 that will change how we do business: For instance, in my travels around the country to conventions and keynote speech engagements, I’ve noticed that the faces of the audiences keep getting

Ever wonder if you’re a good boss?

Are You A Good Boss? Test Yourself With These 5 Questions Curated from, written by Lisa Quast Think you’re good at managing people? Most managers, when asked, provide a glowing commentary of their stellar people management skills. Yet research has demonstrated the opposite. A Gallup study of 7,272 U.S. adults revealed that 50 percent