Six books to help make 2017 better at work

In the past week I’ve heard more than enough people saying how glad they are to see the backside of 2016, and welcome 2017 with a sigh of relief. Hopeful, aren’t they. Some have been struggling with personal difficulties in the past year while others have had enough of Donald Trump, fake news and terrorist

Shhhh. Don’t talk about us. We’ll do the talking.

Control. It’s all about control. That’s the problem these days with many brands which “grew up” in a past era, but which are struggling for relevance in today’s era. If you work for a brand which isn’t actively engaging current and new audiences through social channels, you might be who I’m talking about. Charities are caught between two realities. On one

17 Electric moments at D3: Debate. Debunk. Delight

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of being at D3: Debate. Debunk. Delight. As one of the co-founders and a member of the Design Team, I had spent much of last year developing and designing the day so being able to sit back and see the fruits of our labour was very rewarding. As I looked over

Do you do “discovery” meetings with donors?

I have been preaching the virtues of DISCOVERY meetings for years. But I am astounded at the number of fund raising professionals who go directly to PROPOSAL without first finding out what a company or donor is wants to accomplish. I’ve scolded people by saying, “This is a bit presumptive, don’t you think?” …To which I often

Why crowdfunding works

Many charity leaders are quick to judge crowdfunding as unaccountable and therefore a dangerous trend – unworthy of consideration. Others see it as a potential source of new revenue to a new audience, but often take a similar approach to crowdfunding as their other (boring) campaigns – and thus usually fail. This week someone sent me an excellent

Remembering the inimitable Tony Elischer

When an icon’s voice goes audibly silent, we sometimes find our memory of them suddenly elevated to an inextinguishable repertoire of flashbacks, stories, quotes, and insights – you know – the things we find ourselves repeating for years to come – “As Tony would say…” or “Remember that time when Tony jumped off the Fundraising Theatre at

Increase response rate by up to 35% [RESEARCH STUDY]

I spend a great deal of time talking to charities about changing the way they talk to their audience. Sometimes it’s about using a more engaging messages but at other times it’s about convincing them to stop pushing and start engaging by using different mechanics. This article, while written for the holiday season, is enlightening on using pledges

Make the change – from features, to benefits [WITH INFOGRAPHIC]

In fundraising, do you tell donors about features (what you do), or benefits (fuel good feelings?) One of the greatest challenges I have with clients is to convince them to move from describing what they do, to talking about how the work of the charity will change lives. A while back I wrote a blog comparing Samsung marketing

Thought of the week: The impact of impact

A single thought can sometimes inspire us.  As I wrap up a busy week, I want to share an example of the impact of one charity. I often challenge fund raising professionals on the importance of talking about impact, rather than about facts and I tell them that simple changes in language can increase fundraising results. But all to often when I press

So you think you’re good at multi-tasking. Are you sure?

Ok, so this is one of the busiest times of the year for anyone working for a charity or in a cause-related job. This is when people are most giving and so charities usually have more than one campaign in market, plus events, plus stewardship, plus, plus, plus. And then you also have to find time to