Book review: Bet on Me, by Annette Verschuren

Leading and Succeeding in Business and in Life Annette Verscuren is one of Canada’s most successful business women and has written this awesome book called “Bet on Me.” Annette grew up on a farm in Cape Breton who self describes her baseline as “a hardworking girl with dung under her fingernails.” Perhaps you think they way

Book review: Year of Yes, By Shonda Rhimes

HOW TO DANCE IT OUT, STAND IN THE SUN AND BE YOUR OWN PERSON At first glance, you might not think this will be all that relevant to the business of charities, but what it does is share Shonda’s journey to pushing herself out of her comfort zone. Shonda Rhimes is an honest and funny

Book review: The Power of Why, by Amanda Lang

In the industrial economy, the person who wins is the expert. In the knowledge economy, the person who wins is the one who has the process to solve complex problems. – The Power of Why, by Amanda Lang When I picked up this book a few months ago, I was struck by how simple the

5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience with Big Data (new book)

Reposted from, written by by Lisa Arthur, CMO of Teradata Applications and author of the new book Big Data Marketing Technology advancements are making it easier for people to constantly, effortlessly and sometimes unknowingly generate massive amounts of data every second. Lurking in the sprawling data pipelines of global corporations are complex tangles of information that have the potential

Seth Godin: Icarus Deception (with video)

Seth Godin talks about his 2013 book on the show “Behind The Brand.”

14 Books to Help You Rock 2014

Reposted from The Daily Muse, written by by Sloane Davidson Determined to make 2014 your year? Looking for how to be a better you and make the most of your career? Let’s go back to basics. Books! Last year, I read 52 books in 52 weeks. I chronicled them, wrote reviews, and ended up spending a lot

Book: How to Tell Your Story in 2014

by: Gary Vaynerchuk CEO Co-Founder of Vayner Media, curated by @mariaidea It occurs to me that some of you might not actually know what my new book is all about, and since it drops today, I thought this would be a good opportunity to give you the lowdown. First and foremost, it is a collection of case studies. More

Why People Don’t Give to Our Causes and What We Can Do About It

Written by: Joanne Fritz – submitted by Victoria Littler – There is a lot to be grateful for when it comes to people and donating. We know, for instance, that altruism is probably innate, and that our brain’s reward center lights up when we give. But, researchers have found that there is a darker side

30 Books to Make you a Better Business Leader

Shared by Maria Dyck →  Every day it seems there’s new advice for how to better manage and grow your business. But who’s got time to filter through all the nonsense and actually digest the worthy information? When you’re leading a business, even considering putting “reading” on your to-do list can be a challenge. No, I’m

The Upside of Irrationality

So you think marketing should be rational? Think again. I read a book called The Upside of Irrationality which changed the way I think about marketing. So many in charities try to present a factual approach in marketing and fundraising - but the truth is, these facts even shocking ones, often don’t move people