Book review: The Power of Why, by Amanda Lang

In the industrial economy, the person who wins is the expert.

In the knowledge economy, the person who wins is the one who has the process to solve complex problems.

– The Power of Why, by Amanda Lang

14-12-05 The Power of Why ReviewWhen I picked up this book a few months ago, I was struck by how simple the concepts were,  but at the same time, how timely this book is. All organizations today are challenged with the pace of change and what to do about it. Leaders today see a host of business challenges and many don’t know where to start.

Amanda helps us understand how fostering creativity in children helps create better leaders in the future. She points out that kids are full of curiosity when they are young but somehow we successfully knock it out of many of them by the time they begin school. And we often label students who ask a lot of question as problem children. So imagine what it’s like when they get into university and later in the work force.

And yet great leaders are full of curiosity and are not hesitant to ask hard questions – which is at the core of creativity an innovation.

This book is packed full of ideas and insights for how constantly question the status quote – whether in ourselves or in the organizations for which we work and asserts that to transform organizations and industries – asking “why” about everything is the very place we must start.

“The Power of Why.” is a must read for every leader.

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