office-man-cropcausemark™ Founder, Mark Hierlihy, CFRE set out on his career over twenty years ago with a personal mission:

“I will be a constant positive influence on everyone I meet.”

Mark believe working for causes is his calling and has never lost his passion for making a difference. For over 20 great years he has been driven to build exceptional cause experiences in mission, marketing and fundraising.

A tri-sector athlete (in the public sector, private sector and social sector,) he has worked in multiple cause genres including cancer, mental health, hunger, hospitals, the arts and sports, with numerous blue chip corporate brands, and in the health sector where he had the privilege of being part of a transformational re-think of a health care system.

A common thread in Mark’s accomplished career is disrupting the norm. He believes constant change is necessary just to keep up, but if charities want to be transformational, then disruptive change, driven by disruptive thinking is required.

Two critical leadership ingredients Mark believes in are listening to stakeholders and responding to trends.

Listening to stakeholders

  • establishes trust – the core ingredient for engagement
  • is essential to understand people and what they care about
  • helps guide how to build many remarkable brand experiences

Listening to trends

  • means paying attention to what’s next in demographics and technology
  • enables charities to remain relevant in the market place
  • helps prevent your organization from becoming boring